Blade and soul master coin

blade and soul master coin

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  • The Sparkling Trickster's Treat Chest is here! - Blade & Soul | Free to Play | MMORPG
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  • October 6, Open the Sparkling Trickster's Treat Chest to gear yourself up for spooky nights! Guaranteed Rewards. Warrior's Upgrade Chest. Nocturnal Scale Fragment. Guaranteed to Randomly Receive 1 Item. Realmkeeper Fragment.

    Sacred Oil. Premium Transformation Stone. Pet Pod. Nocturnal Scale. Ethereal Vial. Sacred Vial. Lunar Twilight Flower. Pet Pack. Special Hongmoon XP Charm. Silversteel Ore. Chance to Randomly Receive 1 Item. Wonder Ascension Stone Chest. Sealed Hongmoon Master Scroll. Scarlet Conservatory Reset Chest.

    Sealed Silversteel Toolbox. Magnificent Reputation Charm.

    Lifespark Illusion Weapon Chest. Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest. Shimmering Scale. Sparkling Radiance Stone Chest. Sealed Divine Grace Stone. Wonder Radiance Stone Chest. Guaranteed to Receive At Least 1 Item. Soulstone Crystal. Moonstone Crystal. Sacred Crystal. Elysian Crystal. Sacred Orb. Elysian Orb. High Solu Fabric.

    Evolved Stone. Transformation Stone.

    Currencies - Official Blade & Soul Wiki

    Empyrean Spirit Stone. Masterwork Shield Base Bundle. Hongmoon Gem Powder. Trickster's Treat Box Content.

    Raid Revival Charm. Rare Element. Quick Revival Charm. Imperial Soju. Brilliant Radiance Stone Chest. Legendary Element.

    The Sparkling Trickster's Treat Chest is here! - Blade & Soul | Free to Play | MMORPG

    Legendary Jewel. Instant Mass Revival Charm. Brilliant Ascension Stone Chest. Chromatic Thread. Dungeon Treasures Selection Chest.

    The Blade Master Blade & Soul Account. These are melee warriors at their finest, specializing in combat swordplay, but not to be confused with the Blade Dancer. They are a warrior class, which are good at parrying and evading enemy's attacks and following up with counter attacks. These characters use focus as a resource as welljust as assassins. Jun 19,  · For every minutes you remain logged into Blade & Soul, you can claim one Realmtrotter Coin. Premium Members will be able to claim three! Completing the Daily Quest from these dungeons will also reward you a Realmtrotter Coin: Daily Quests. Day. Dungeon. Quest Name. Realmtrotter Coin. Monday. Blade and soul Grand Master's Cache │ Master coin.

    Weekly Challenge Upgrade Selection Chest. They can be exchanged for Faction items at their designated Faction merchant, usually near the Territory where the insignias are obtained. Contribution points are needed to level up your rank within your faction.

    Some items acquired at faction insignia merchants require the player to be above a certain faction rank in order to coij purchased. The list of Ranks and points needed to achieve each rank can be found on the Faction Ranks page. Adn other players does not yield any prestige points unless they have themselves obtained prestige points which they haven't turned in for contribution points yet.

    The amount of points that will be rewarded by defeating a specific character can be seen to the left of their names.

    Blade & Soul | Free to Play | MMORPG

    Prestige Points are temporary faction currency and accumulate until traded in for Faction Contribution Points or until lost. The former are obtained in tiers as follows:. Prestige Points can be lost in many cases: if downedif the Faction Outfit is removed, if the player changes channel, if Windstride is used, if the current region is left or if the player logs out or quits the game.

    Zen Beans mzster obtained from competing in 1v1 or Tag Matches.

    blade and soul master coin

    They are also rewarded for completing the Arena Match Daily Quests. Battle Points are obtained from competing in Whirlwind Valley or Beluga Lagoonwhere two teams of six players fight it out with each other. They are also rewarded for completing the Battleground Daily Quests.

    Battle Souo can be used to buy various items from the Battleground Trader Eosin. Naryu Coin is an endgame currency used for DragonBlood Recharge in Blackram Supply Chain both 4 players and 6 players modeand can also be exchanged for items at the Currency Exchange Merchant in front of E. Fleet Supply Chain 's portal.

    Currently Naryu coin can only be obtained through E. Fleet Supply Chain mobs, bosses and chest rewards. Currently can only be obtained through E. Hongmoon Coin is an alternative currency for Cash Shop items. It can be used the same way as NCoin in the Hongmoon Mastef by selecting the Hongmoon Coin tab instead, though with a more limited selection of items to buy.

    This currency has a slim chance of dropping from Daily Quests reward boxes. A player's Premium Rank will also affect how many Hongmoon coins you might be able to transmute. Different quality transmutes into different amount of Hongmoon Coins. The higher the tier, the greater the amounts players can get at once.

    Achievement Points are obtained from completing Achievements. The achievement NPC in Zaiwey's Merchant Square will allow you to purchase useful items and outfits if you have enough achievement points unlocked. Currently the most achievement points needed to unlock all items is 1, Currently serves no significant purpose other than completing an achievement and obtaining an outfit available for Lyn Male only sold the clothing merchant at Fishbelly Pub.

    Dreadtide Tags bade only be acquired as well as used inside Dreadtide Arena.

    They are the only way to get into the tournament parts of the Dungeon and to get to the boss. Main Page All Pages.

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