Free online poker odds calculator

free online poker odds calculator

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  • Excellent Jan 2, By cksv. I've tried many poker calculators. This app is quick and easy to use. The other apps I've tried have problems. I would like to see an ipad version but I can get by with the iphone version on my calculatog. A pro version with savable odds for reference would be nice and I would buy it.

    One bug keeping it from poker stars Mar 8, By ChadCo. Love this app, but the feature to save pre-selected hand ranges is buggy. Good for free but frde be better Feb 24, By Frontpayg. Good app just needs those extra features that allow you to use this app over and over while saving information, and allow you to keep the same people saved for home games.

    And include a fold raise or re-raise into tree odds with online play. May 22, By Darrell Stanfield. Oct 7, By Cliff Jonta Johnson. By Brent Hill. Another delightful uninstall. Calculator for anything other than heads up. Couldn't clear a preceding session. Kept yacking about Facebook which I absolutely hate and only use because some people still don't have cell phones for texting.

    By Superberg Very strange - assuming this is a bug unless I missed something. Makes mistakes in Hilo calculations. Oct 31, By TTU raider. Does not treat 8 as a low card at least not examples I have been looking at. Example Omaha Hilo. Just wrong. Microphone Bug Oct 28, Some reason it defaults to Russian when inputting via microphone.

    Will change review when dev addresses. Authur Morgans true weapon Nov 2, By Drumdood This is how you get rich in red dead Free 2. Rating Odds 3, By Kyle Suds. HOT app. Must download if serious poker player. Jan 16, It really helps to make a decision at poker game Mar 16, By Josh C. So smooth and quick. Similar to pokerstove but simple enough to use at the table.

    Very much like. Jul 12, Oct 16, By Danny Gage. Great when cards are known. Would be nice to work with ranges. See all 4 reviews. See all 2 reviews. Cree 20, By ASUscott S. Useless until they fix it. May 31, By Ron O. Stopped working for me. Displays a different title now as even bet calculator and force closes. Similar to Free Poker Calculator.

    Fast Poker Calculator!!! Expert Improve your poker game on the spot! Nov 21, By A Google user.

    Apr 19,  · Calculate your odds anywhere you sit down for a game! Full access to this professional and % free poker odds calculator at your fingertips. Now supports even more poker game types: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Low, 5-card Omaha and more. Analyze your games, estimate your chances, calculate poker odds and win big. The Best Poker Hands Calculator. You can use this calculator while playing or reviewing past hands to work out the odds of you winning or losing. Have fun letting your friends know that they made a less than optimal move against you in a home game. Or prove that you made the right play based on the odds shown in the poker Poker Calculator. is the best online poker odds calculator & analyzer. Compute your winning odds, hand rank, optimal bet size and more when playing Texas Hold'Em. Check poker winning odds, hands you could lose to and how much to bet while you play with!

    Exactly what I have been looking for. No concerns with stat accuracy minor variations in odds expected every calc.

    Apr 19,  · Calculate your odds anywhere you sit down for a game! Full access to this professional and % free poker odds calculator at your fingertips. Now supports even more poker game types: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Low, 5-card Omaha and more. Analyze your games, estimate your chances, calculate poker odds and win big. The #1 Ranked Poker Odds Calculator by CardsChat™ - Easy & FREE tool for calculating odds for Hold'em, Omaha & more. Find on Google Play & App Store. is the best online poker odds calculator & analyzer. Compute your winning odds, hand rank, optimal bet size and more when playing Texas Hold'Em. Check poker winning odds, hands you could lose to and how much to bet while you play with!

    Aug 27, I tested almost all the poker odds calculator of Android and I found this is the better. And it is free. Aug 24, Best poker odds calc. Can you add option to add exposed cards. For example If dealer exposes a card or player folds but exposes cards. Apr 17, Please add the individual hand odds if you can.

    Eg, breaking down the odds of winning into odds of making pair, flush Mar 2, Jan 30, Lost a hand of poker and it took me a minute and a half to search, download, install and get the odds to make sure I made the right decision. Oct 2, All my friends are always asking me the odds, and this one seems to be very accurate. Easy to use for 2 or more players in hand, odds calculate preflop, flop, turn and river as you request.

    Sep 15, Great App. Could use some accuracy improvements, though. AAxAA pre-flop have about Aug 2, Needs more polish but it does what its supposed to do so can't complain. Nov 14, Mar 25, Odds change every time u press calculate, will rate 5 stars if accuracy gets corrected. Feb 27, And thats what we want right?

    About Poker Odds Calculators

    Sep 21, I check all my bad beats on here. Very accurate odds. Nov 17, Just what I needed, simply great! Jun 11, This app is simply great! Jan 31, It'd be great to have an option to calculate the actual probability. Not just an approximation Apr 11, Very nice user interface for the card picker; but both quite slow and variable in accuracy.

    Poker Odds Evaluator is much stronger overall. Dec 3, Neat liitle calc easy to input needs range possibilties. May 3, Doesn't calculate actual odds And it's easy math you can do it in your head on the fly. Feb 2, Why do the odds keep changing!?

    Best 10 Poker Odds Calculators - Last Updated October 24,

    A good app but needs improving. Expert One effective, user-friendly odds calculator for all your poker-playing needs Take your poker-playing skills to new levels with targeted calculations: starting-hand strength, winning odds, equity, and outs Odds are calculated using the Monte Carlo algorithm to help you improve your game with every hand more.

    May 25, By Atharv Mirajkar. Aug cree, By Bertram Kreuter. My favorite odds app, great interface and although I do plan paying to rid of ads and supporting a caculator appthey really aren't that intrusive. Definitely recommend for playing online, I plan to pkker up an old phone with this dedicated on it to leave on my desk while playing.

    Dec 11, By Richard Freifeld. This app is absolutely awesome. Does exactly what it says it's going to do. Better than most others. Looks much better also. What more could calculator want? Sep 8, By Johann Naylor. Useful odds including your hand vs Slansky starting hands and pocket pairs.

    It'd be nice if Omaha pooer also included and if the wheel was somehow magically easier still, pdds great over all. May 15, I have tried several of these poker apps through the Oodds Store and so far, this one is the very best! Jun 27, By mort az. It is a really good app. But there are things that I don't know how to use.

    Where can I read a poker through or tutorial? Apr 3, By Bryan Hepworth. Pokdr so quickly and is a joy to use. Clearer explanations in places would help but the crux of this app are awesome. Sep 19, By jessica mia. Better than poker stove in my online and calculates very quick Try it you wont regret!!

    Calcklator no I am not being sponsored lol Its just my humble opinion. By Gaurav kumar. This app most useful for me, playing poker strategy, thankyou. Feb 3, By vergo rabioso. Great design, bad calculations. Dec 27, By Madking. Whenever I open app it's redirect me to app store free 2 sec. Oct free, By alireza maddahi.

    Great app. I love it. Feb 12, By Manish Pandey. Quick access to odds. I really like the idea of the card selector. By Awnish Palatlwat. The best in my opinion. By Samuel Peck. Takes a bit to get used to. After learning how to use the app it is great for studying! Jun 9, By zeinab mosavi. Sep 6, By Outta Bubblegum. Great but the announcements are really annoying.

    Aug 23, By Sal Torres. Easy to use with a lot of stats. It's the calculator poker calculator I have found so far. Sep 11, Aclculator Yohana Akhtari. Poker training with hand reading, poker odds, preflop and poker hand rankings. Free Fresh In App Purchases. May 20, By AnonAdhom. This is the best app ever imo as someone who owns a poker solver I don't need a solver app and there are 1, poker equity calculators but this is actually amazing ooker not much like it.

    Odds really would love uf they had 4 color decks though. I hate playing poker game calcu,ator where you say what of 3 is the best hand odds flushes is so odes with no 4 color deck more. Feb 7, By Eufrocina Barcarse. This is a great help for poker players, does the limit refreshes daily? Or we really need to pay? If we choose the monthly payment, can we cancel it anytime after a month?

    Jul 13, By Yujin Online. Edit: developer has added the new equity feature! The app functions great, but i really think the hand reading exercises onlinr a miss. We need equity, not just how often the hand ranks better than the opponent. For example, KsQs on a board of 6s10s9h, is a monster. Nov 22, By Jared John.

    Poker Odds Calculator | Beasts of Poker

    The best poker training app I've ever used! This app has definitely improved dree game. It is worth every penny! It's like studying something in school; you have to do the work, but in this case the textbooks only cost a few dollars. Sep 5, A Very Informative app! I even actually bought the app, because I loved it So much!

    Highly reccomended to increase my knowledge of the game! Bravo and Thank you Thomas! Apr 26, Free Tony Clark. Doing these excersises has definitely helped me understand my game and how to improve it. It is great for spotting bad habits but even more useful for developing a GTO basis for your play if you take the time to read the explanations behind each excersise.

    Also you can use the situations it presents you with to online on your own weaknesses like practising mental olnine and EV math calculator example. Very helpful app, totally recommend it. Take it now as it is way cheaper than it could be, the content is really helpful for aspiring poker players. Oct 20, By Craig Colbeck.

    Hi again. I'm trying to learn ranges, and a mini game that's simpler than the preflop one might help. Instead poker or alongside Best Hand, how about an opening game? I'm thinking of one based on whether to fold, raise, or limp from various positions. In other words, I need something to help odds memorize ranges before action starts.

    Thanks for reading. Feb 25, By Anish Suthar. I wanted to learn poker this helped me a lot. Nov 9, By astandet. Good app, Odcs like it. Sep 14, By Kenneth Battaglia.

    free online poker odds calculator

    When I do preflop drills it tells me odds I was wrong but it doesn't tell me what fred right move was. Great app in theory free needs improvement. Apr 7, By Mason Martin. Seems like it could be useful but if you are using this as a trainer it doesn't when tell you what the proper move would be.

    By Daniel The preflop trainer is not only locked behind a paywall, but is also pretty garbage as it doesn't show stack sizes or even the raise sizes, which are both crucial factors in a preflop decision. The rest of the features are ok, but aren't much use for intermediate to advanced clculator. Feb 11, By Mark Gregg. Not really a good trainer.

    It assumes everybody plays the same way. Which cqlculator far from the truth. Especially the pre flop trainer. Jan 3, Poker Hugiva Chit. The hand reading is a joke. Gives limited action then asks is onlinf hand stronger? And only gives yes or no.

    That's not how poker works For instance villain button raised and you call in bb with k9o. Flop comes rainbow and asks are you ahead yes or no. Given a typical button open range you should be ahead and behind a decent amount of the time. A yes or no answer is ridiculous Needless to say I'm uninstalling the app more.

    No reviews available See All Expert Reviews. Dec 15, By Agapito Gallart i Bernat. Calulator worth what it costs! Great exercises to train your skills. Apr 30, By James Robinson. Dec 30, By Tom M. Sep 20, Great app for training, and great support. Jun 16, By Neil Brown.

    Doesn't work properly. Poker trainer that helps you learn poker poket, poker odds, poker hands. Free In App Purchases. Apr 25, By Atharva P. I am reviewing this based on the non payed version. Its a great online and will help any new player. It fulfils its purpose to an outstanding degree and is built perfectly.

    Apr 8, This app is exactly what I was looking for. I've tried many free the poker trainer apps, and they all suffer from 2 problems: confusing interfaces, and overpriced monthly subscriptions. This trainer has a nice and clean UI, and is reasonably priced.

    Oct 12, By Frank Brown. Apr 18, By Yogi Valani. Really good simple app. Latest update has broke pot odds exercise. Also small feature request. On the combinations exercise please keep the question the same, either what do you have or what does your opponent have? By James Ryan. I started with the odds version but paid as I wanted to use the app for training pot odds etc.

    Price wise it's very good. Even if your playing at micro stakes youll poker your investment in no time. A stand out feature I like is in the 'Should You Call? I'd love to online an Implied Odds section to carry on the study further. By Dustin Nunyo. The app is nice for the price, I am removing a star because the percentage based odds trainer rounds the math but doesn't explain how it's rounding which can be confusing and there is no option to turn the rounding off.

    Oct 21, By An Old Bot. Oct 28, By Nate Schmitt. Should you call gives you wrong answers at times. Another example is flop. Opp has We have A7. Call to win They say no because you have 3 outs. But in reality your outs double on the turn. Odes also doesn't take into consideration implied calculator odds. We don't know them.

    Feb 1, By mehran manesh. I would pay four times more than they asking for if the app shows the correct answer and why when you are wrong. By Moha Sharifi. May 10, By Ash Round. I tried the outs exercise and answers dont make sense To achieve better results it must be used with Calculator Poker software!

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      Do you want to easily find out your chances to win? Use first Free Poker Calculator on Windows 8!

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      To improve your poker game once the basics are mastered takes time, with the aid of the latest in poker-tool technology this learning curve is drastically reduced as the odds calculators guide you in making the best statistical decision for each and every poker hand. Playing winning poker long term is all about making the best statistical play each and every hand, you will not win every hand you are dealt or are odds favorite to win but over time making correct decisions each hand is vital to being a successful poker player.

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