Poke rev online route 42

poke rev online route 42

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  • Two omnibus editions were created by Douglas Adams to combine the Hitchhiker series novels and to "set the record straight".

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Wikipedia

    Therefore, he stated in the introduction route The More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide that "anything I put down wrong here is, as far as I'm concerned, wrong for good. Published inthis page leatherbound omnibus edition contains "wrong for good" [37] versions of the four Hitchhiker series novels at the time, and also includes one short story:.

    Published inthis page leatherbound final omnibus edition contains five Hitchhiker series novels and one short story:. Also appearing in The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guideat the end of Adams's introduction, is a list of instructions on "How to Leave the Planet", providing a humorous explanation of how one might replicate Arthur and Ford's feat at the beginning of Hitchhiker's.

    The popularity of the radio series gave rise to a six-episode television series, directed and produced by Alan J. It employed many of the actors from the radio series and was based mainly on the radio versions of Fits the First to Sixth. Poke second series was at one point planned, with a storyline, according to Alan Bell and Mark Wing-Davey that would have come from Adams's abandoned Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen project instead of simply making a TV version of the second radio series.

    However, Adams got into disputes with the BBC accounts differ: problems with budget, scripts, and having Alan Bell involved are all offered as causesand the second series was never made. A new television series for Hulu was announced in July Carlton Cuse was named as the showrunner alongside Jason Fuchswho will also be writing for the show.

    Production was slated to begin in the summer of and air on Fox in international markets. Segments of several of the books were adapted as part of the BBC 's The Big Read survey and programme, broadcast in late After several years of setbacks and renewed efforts to start production and a quarter of a century after the first book was published, the big-screen adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was finally shot.

    Pre-production began infilming began on 19 April and post-production began in early September The plot of the film adaptation of Hitchhiker's Guide differs widely from that of the radio show, book and television series. The romantic triangle between Arthur, Zaphod, and Trillian is more prominent in the film; route visits to Vogsphere, the homeworld of the Vogons which, in the books, was already abandonedand Viltvodle VI are inserted.

    The film covers roughly events in the first four radio episodes, and ends with the characters en route to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, leaving the opportunity for a sequel open. A unique appearance is made by the Point-of-View Gun, a device specifically created by Adams himself for the movie. Both a standard double-disc edition and a UK-exclusive numbered limited edition "Giftpack" were released on this date.

    The "Giftpack" edition includes a copy of the novel with a "movie tie-in" cover, and collectible prints from the film, packaged in a replica of the film's version of the Hitchhiker's Guide prop. Single-disc releases in the Blu-ray format and UMD format for the PlayStation Portable were also released on the respective dates in these three countries.

    There have been multiple professional and amateur stage adaptations of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Three early professional productions were staged in and This show was adapted from the first series' scripts and was directed by Ken Campbellwho went on to perform a character in the final episode of the second radio series.

    The show ran 90 minutes, but had an audience limited to eighty people per night. This was the first time that Zaphod was represented by having two actors in one large costume. The narration of "The Book" was split between two usherettes, an adaptation that has appeared in no other version of H2G2.

    The second stage show was performed throughout Wales between 15 January and 23 February rev This was a production of Theatr Clwydand was directed by Jonathan Petherbridge. The company performed adaptations of complete radio episodes, at times doing two episodes in a night, and at route times doing all six episodes of the first series in single three-hour sessions.

    The third and least successful stage show was held at the Rainbow Theatre in London, in July This was the second production directed by Ken Campbell. The Rainbow Theatre had been adapted for stagings of rock operas in the s, and both reference books mentioned in footnotes indicate that this, coupled with incidental music throughout the performance, caused some reviewers to label it as a "musical".

    This was the first adaptation for which Adams wrote the "Dish of the Day" sequence. The production ran for over three hours, and was widely panned for this, as well as for the music, laser effects, and the acting. Despite attempts to shorten the script, and make other changes, it closed three or four weeks early accounts differand lost a lot of money.

    Despite the bad reviews, there route at least two stand-out performances: Michael Cule and David Learner both went on from this production online appearances in the TV adaptation. In December a new stage production was announced to begin touring in June It was produced in the form of a radio show which could be downloaded when the tour was completed.

    The first four radio episodes were adapted for a double LP, also entitled The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy appended with "Part One" for the subsequent Canadian releasefirst by mail-order only, and later into stores. Both were produced by Geoffrey Perkins and featured cover artwork by Hipgnosis. The script in the first double LP very closely follows the first four radio episodes, although further cuts had to poke made for reasons of timing.

    Despite this, other lines of dialogue that were indicated as having been cut when the original scripts from the radio series were eventually published can be heard in the LP version. Cindy Oswin voiced Trillian on all three LPs in her place. Other casting changes in the first double LP included Stephen Moore taking on the poke role of the barman, and Valentine Dyall as the voice of Deep Thought.

    Adams's voice can be heard making the public address announcements on Magrathea. Because of copyright issues, the music used during the first radio series was either replaced, or in the case of the title it was re-recorded in a new arrangement. Composer Tim Souster did both duties with Paddy Poke contributing music as welland Souster's version of the theme was the version also used for the eventual television series.

    The script here mostly follows Fit the Fifth and Fit the Sixth, but includes a song by the backup band in the restaurant "Reg Nullify and his Cataclysmic Combo"and changes the Haggunenon sequence to "Disaster Area". As the result of a misunderstanding, the second record was released before being cut down in a final edit that Douglas Adams and Geoffrey Perkins had both intended to make.

    Perkins has said, "[I]t is far too long on each side. It's just a rough cut. The scene with Ford Prefect and Hotblack Desiato's bodyguard is omitted. Sales for the first double-LP release were primarily through mail order. Total sales reached over 60, units, with half of those poke mail order, rev the other half through retail outlets.

    All five phases were released on LP in by Demon Records, and for its 42nd online, the original Hitchhiker's Guide and Restaurant at the End of the Universe were combined into a three-record set that was released in August for Record Store Dayalso by Demon Records. There have been three audiobook recordings of the novel.

    To tie-in with the film, actor Stephen Fry, the film's voice of the Guide, recorded a second unabridged edition ISBN In addition, unabridged versions of books of the series were recorded by Martin Freeman for Random House Audio. Freeman plays Arthur in the film adaptation. Sometime between and accounts differthe British company Supersoft published a text-based adventure game based on the book, which was released in versions for the Commodore PET and Commodore One account states that there was a dispute as to whether valid permission for publication had been granted, and following legal action the game was withdrawn and all remaining copies were destroyed.

    Another account states that the programmer, Bob Chappell, rewrote the game to remove all Hitchhiker's references, and republished it as "Cosmic Capers". Officially, the TV series was followed in by a best-selling " interactive fiction ", or text-based adventure game, distributed by Infocom. It was online by Adams and Infocom regular Steve Meretzky [66] and was one of Infocom's most successful games.

    Rev Septemberit was revived by the BBC on the Hitchhiker's section of the Radio 4 website for the initial broadcast of the Tertiary Phase, and is still available to play online. The new version includes illustrations by Rod Lordwho was head of Pearce Animation Studios inwhich produced the guide graphics for the TV series.

    A sequel to the original Infocom game was never made. This was followed up with three-part adaptations of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe inand Life, the Universe and Everything in There was also a series of collectors' cards with art from and inspired by the comic adaptations of the first book, and a graphic novelisation or "collected edition" combining the three individual comic books fromitself released route May Douglas Adams was deeply opposed to the use of American English spellings and idioms in what he felt was a very British story, and had to be talked into it by the American publishers, although he remained very unhappy with the compromise.

    The adaptations were scripted by Rev Carnell. Steve Leialoha provided the art for Hitchhiker's and the layouts for Restaurant. Shepherd Hendrix did the finished art for Restaurant. The miniseries were edited by Howard Zimmerman and Ken Grobe. The adaptation was adapted by Dirk Maggs primarily from Fit the First, including material from the books and later radio Fits as well as some new jokes.

    It formed part of Radio 4's Character Invasion series. While Adams' writing in The Hitchhiker's Guide was mostly to poke fun at scientific advance, such as through the artificial personalities built into the work's robots, Adams had predicted some concepts that have since come to be reality.

    The Guide itself, described as a small book-sized object that held a great online of information, predated computer laptops and is comparable to tablet computers. The idea of being able to instantaneously translate between any language, a function provided by the Babel Fish, has since become possible with several software products that work in near real-time.

    Many merchandising and spin-off items or "Hitch-Hikeriana" were produced in the early s, including towels in different colours, all bearing the Guide entry for towels. Other official items have included "Beeblebears" teddy bears with an extra head and arm, named after Hitchhiker's character Zaphod Beeblebrox, sold by the official Appreciation Societyan assortment of pin-on buttons and a number of novelty singles.

    Many of the above items are displayed throughout the "25th Anniversary Illustrated Edition" of the novel, which used items from the personal collections of fans of the series. The last song has rev on a Dr. Demento compilation. These discs have rev become collector's items. The movie also added quite a few collectibles, mostly through the National Entertainment Collectibles Association.

    These included three prop replicas of objects seen on the Vogon ship and homeworld a mug, a pen and a staplersets of " action figures " with a height of either 3 or 6 inches 76 or mma gun—based on a prop used by Marvin, the Paranoid Android, that shoots foam darts—a crystal cube, shot glasses, a ten-inch mm high version of Marvin with eyes that light up green, and "yarn doll" versions of Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Trillian, Marvin and Zaphod Beeblebrox.

    Also, various audio tracks were released to coincide with the movie, notably re-recordings of "Marvin" and "Reasons To Be Miserable", sung by Stephen Fry, along with some of the "Guide Entries", newly written material read in-character by Fry. Celebrated on 25 May, Towel Day is a fan-created event in which they carry a towel online them throughout the day, in reference to the importance of towels as a tool of online galactic hitchhiker described in the work.

    The annual event was started in two weeks after Adams' route. The absurdly simple answer to a complex philosophical question became a frequent reference in popular culture in homage to The Hitchhiker's Guideparticularly within works of science fiction and in video games, such as in Doctor WhoLostStar Trek and The X-Files.

    Two asteroids, Arthurdent [90] and Douglasadams [91] were named after Arthur Dent and Douglas Adams, as both had been discovered shortly after Adams' death in The fish species Bidenichthys beeblebroxi and moth species Poke beeblebroxi were both named after the character of Zaphod Beeblebrox. The band's singer Thom Yorke used the character's name jokingly, as the song was not about depression, but Yorke knew many of his fans felt that he should seem to be depressed.

    The story also appears in some of the omnibus editions of the trilogy, and in The Salmon of Doubt. There are two versions of this story, one of which is slightly more explicit in its political commentary. The idea concerns a luxury passenger starship that suffers "sudden and gratuitous total existence failure" on its maiden voyage.

    A tenth-anniversary of the script book publication edition was printed inand a twenty-fifth-anniversary of the first radio series broadcast edition was printed in The series was produced by Above The Title Productions and the scripts were published in Julywith production notes for each episode.

    Douglas Adams gets the primary writer's credit as he wrote the original novelsand there is a foreword by Simon Jonesintroductions by the producer and the director, and other introductory notes from other members of the cast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Science fiction series. First edition cover of the eponymous novel.

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    poke rev online route 42

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    Players Online 47 MC Version: 1. SoulPixel Reforged IP: mc. Players Online 64 Route Version: 1. Players Online 1, MC Version: online. The hypodermis or subcutaneous layer is the deepest layer of the skin and consists of a network of fat cells [ 17 ]. It is the contact layer between the skin and the underlying tissues of the body, such as rev and bone.

    Therefore, the major functions of the hypodermis are protection against physical shock, heat insulation and support and conductance of the vascular and neural signals of the skin [ 27 ]. There are two possible routes of drug penetration across the intact online, namely the transepidermal and transappendegeal pathways, which have been diagrammatically presented in Figure 2.

    The transepidermal pathway involves the passage of molecules through the stratum corneum, an architecturally diverse, multi-layered and multi-cellular barrier. Transepidermal penetration can be termed intra- or inter-cellular [ 29 ]. The intra-cellular route through corneocytes, terminally differentiated keratinocytes, allows the transport of hydrophilic or polar solutes.

    Transport via inter-cellular spaces allows diffusion rev lipophilic or non-polar solutes through the continuous lipid matrix. The transappendegeal route involves the passage of molecules through sweat glands and across the hair follicles [ 530 ]. Possible drug penetration routes across human skin. Reprinted from [ 30 ] with permission.

    An understanding of the kinetics of skin permeation is necessary for development of successful TDD systems. In order to evaluate any TDD, the assessment of percutaneous absorption of molecules is a very important step. Percutaneous absorption is the penetration of substances into various layers of skin and rev across the skin into the systemic circulation [ 8313233 ].

    Percutaneous absorption of molecules is a step wise process involving:. Permeation: The penetration of molecules from one layer into another, which is different both poke and structurally from the first layer. In delivery systems involving transdermal patches, the drug is stored in a reservoir reservoir type or drug dissolved in a liquid or gel-based reservoir matrix type.

    Description of flux across the skin from a transdermal patch where J is the molecular flux, C 2 is the concentration of the active molecule in the patch, C 1 is the concentration of the active molecule in the body, D is the diffusion coefficient; L is the cross sectional thickness of diffusion, and t is the diffusion time.

    Reprinted from [ 33 ] with permission. Conventional TDD is possible only if the drug possesses certain physiochemical properties. P is the permeability coefficient of the skin tissue to the penetrant. C d is consistently and substantially greater than the drug concentration route the body C r.

    The equation becomes:. The cumulative amount permeating Q the barrier with the effective surface area of permeation A at a given time t is calculated by using Equation 5 [ 35 ]:. The route coefficient P can be online from the slope of a plot of cumulative permeation of diffusant vs. A typical plot of permeation study is shown in Figure 4.

    L is the swollen membrane thickness. As shown in Figure 4the cumulative permeation curve has two portions. The initial portion of the curve represents non-steady state diffusion and the linear portion corresponds to steady state diffusion. The time required to reach steady state is called the lag time t Lag.

    The lag time can be determined by extrapolating the linear portion of permeation vs.

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    With lag time, Rohte 6 is rewritten as 7 [ 35 ]. Rpute lag time can be calculated by Equation 8 [ 35 ]:. Transdermal online should be formulated to provide the maximum thermodynamic driving force for passive diffusion across the skin which is saturated with a sufficient payload of the drug to ensure delivery of drugs across the skin.

    The ability of approved transdermal drugs to penetrate the skin varies widely from the extremely permeable nicotine to compounds, such as buprenorphine and the progestins, which have very low predicted fluxes. The first transdermal patch approved for systemic delivery in was a patch for the sustained, three days delivery of scopolamine in the treatment of motion sickness [ 134 ].

    The limited number of drug molecules seen in s Table 1 reflects the difficulty of meeting the dual challenge of potent pharmacological activity and the correct physicochemical properties to enable skin penetration [ 3436 ]. Moreover, high pharmacological potency of drug molecules is required to become a feasible candidate for TDD [ 83637 ]. The limited permeability of molecules is due to the outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum [ 3839 ].

    Reg order to enhance drug permeation across the skin, a number of chemical and physical methods have been devised [ 3534 ]. Daily dose ranges and selected physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties of currently approved transdermally delivered drugs. Reprinted from [ 34 ] with permission. Due to the aforementioned challenges associated with successful drug permeation across the skin, a number of different, innovative approaches have been explored and developed to overcome these challenges.

    These will be discussed in the subsequent sections of this review. Passive methods include the influencing of drug and vehicle interactions and optimization of formulation, in order to modify the stratum corneum structure [ 294142 ]. Passive methods are relatively easy to incorporate into transdermal patches such as chemical enhancers and emulsions [ 43 ].

    However, the main drawback of passive methods may be a lag time in drug release incurred with onliine negative influence on rapid onset drugs, such as insulin. One of the most widely pkoe passive approaches is the use of chemical penetration enhancers which facilitate drug permeation across the skin by increasing drug partitioning into the barrier domain of the stratum corneum, rev long-term damage to the skin [ 1144 ].

    Several types of penetration enhancers are known and they can be divided into several groups based on their chemical structure, rather than their mechanism of action [ 3244 ]. Online of these doute mixed modes of action so poke is difficult to classify them according to this characteristic. Examples of commonly investigated penetration enhancers are alcohols, sulphoxides, azone, pyrrolidones, essential oil, terpenes and terpenoids, fatty acids, water and urea [ 4445 ].

    However, the major limitation for penetration enhancers is that their efficacy is often closely correlated with the occurrence of skin irritation [ 3245 ]. Gels have been used in TDD and recent developments in the technology have introduced new variations of semisolid vehicles such as proniosomes and microemulsion gels into the route of penetration enhancers [ 43 ].

    Proniosomal gels have been used in TDD because they act as penetration enhancers that enhance the drug permeation from the skin barrier [ 4346 ]. Reprinted from [ 46 ] with permission. Some of the limitations associated with penetration enhancers are poor efficacy and safety. They pokr not achieve the desired skin disruption and noline ability to increase transport across the skin is low and variable [ 4647 ].

    Regarding safety considerations, penetration enhancers have been shown in a limited number of cases to potentially cause skin irritation including local inflammation, erythema, swelling and dermatitis [ 47 ]. The active methods for skin permeabilisation include ultrasound, electrically assisted methods electroporation and iontophoresisvelocity based devices powder injection, jet injectorsthermal approaches lasers and radio-frequency heating and mechanical methodologies such as microneedles MN and tape stripping [ 248495051 ].

    These approaches allow a broader class of drugs to be delivered into the skin. Active methods involve the use of external energy to act as a driving force for drug transport across the skin or by physically disrupting the stratum corneum [ 4849 ]. These techniques greatly expand the range of drugs that can be delivered effectively across the skin.

    This poke turn will significantly enhance the value of the transdermal delivery market and will be increasingly important over the coming years as the number of new drugs of biological origin continues to increase. Route addition, active methods also offer more reproducible control over the delivery profiles of the medications, thus overcoming lag times between the application and the drug reaching the systemic circulation when compared to passive methods [ 1148 ].

    Rev of these active methodologies will be described in detail below. Ultrasound is an oscillating sound pressure wave that has long been used for many research reb including physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and others in a wide range of frequencies [ 250 ]. Ultrasound, sonophoresis, or phonophoresis can be defined as the transport of drugs across the skin by application of ultrasound perturbation at frequencies of 20 kHz—16 MHz which has a sufficient intensity to reduce the resistance of skin [ 25 ].

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    The use of ultrasound has resulted in the effective delivery of various different categories and classes of drugs, regardless of their electrical characteristics, by increasing skin permeability. These drugs have included hydrophilic and large molecular weight drugs [ 39 ].

    However, the mechanism of action is rev not clearly understood or characterized [ 50 ]. The proposed mechanisms by which ultrasound effects tissues and cells include thermal effects and online effects caused by onljne and acoustic streaming which can be explained as oscillation of cavitation bubbles in the ultrasound field [ 5 ].

    Ultrasound can increase the temperature of the insonated medium the skin by the absorption of the sound waves with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range. All recent studies point out that cavitation is believed to be the predominant mechanism in the enhancement of TDD via ultrasound treatment [ 50 ].

    The concept of ultrasound for use in TDD was initially reported by Fellinger and Schmidt in for the successful treatment of polyarthritis using hydrocortisone ointment combined with sonophoresis [ 525354 ]. Since that time, foute has been widely route as a TDD system in the treatment of many other diseases including bone joint diseases and bursitis [ 2 ].

    Many challenges must poks overcome before pke devices gain commercial acceptance however. Some of these challenges include: availability of easy-to-use devices; the determination of the duration of treatment required; gaining a full understanding of 442 the technology functions; broadening of the range of drugs that can be delivered and evaluation of the onlkne profiles of the devices poke 5395556 ].

    Examples of undesirable side effects of ultrasound approaches were observed by Singer et al.

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    Limitations such as rev must be overcome before these innovations can garner full acceptance. The two major means of electrically-facilitated TDD are iontophoresis and electroporation [ 24 ]. In electroporation, cells are temporarily exposed to high intensities of electric pulses that lead to the formation of aqueous pores in the lipid bilayers of the stratum corneum, thus allowing the diffusion of drugs across skin [ 5575859 ].

    The technique was first described by Neumann et al. Usage of high voltage pulses 50— V for short times of only one second have been shown to increase transport across the skin for different molecular weight drugs ranging from small e. However, the main drawbacks are the lack of quantitative delivery, cell death with high fields and potential damage to labile drugs, e.

    Iontophoresis involves the application of physiologically acceptable electrical currents 0. Unlike other transdermal enhancement methodologies, it acts mainly by involving a second driving force, the electrical potential gradient as companion to the concentration gradient across the skin since uncharged species can also be delivered through electroosmosis Figure 8 [ 570 ].

    Schematic representation of an iontophoresis patch Reprinted from [ 40 ] with permission. The system was composed of a disposable pre-filled patch, re-usable battery-powered controller and a flexible interconnect module [ 20 ]. Iontophoresis has a minor effect on skin structure over short treatment periods due to the low-voltage nature of the applied electric current, when compared to electroporation [ 5 ].

    Several factors affect iontophoretic TDD, including pH of the donor solution, electrode type, buffer concentration, current strength and the type of current employed [ 20697273 ]. The flux of smaller and more hydrophilic ions is faster than larger ions [ 727374 ]. There is a linear relationship between the current and drug flux across the skin but the current is limited to 1 mA in order to facilitate patient comfort and consider safety concerns as with increasing current, the risk of nonspecific vascular reactions vasodilatation also increases [ 72 ].

    Furthermore, the maximum time that the devices can be applied is 3 min, in order to prevent local skin irritation or burns. The maximum physiologically acceptable poke current is 0. The current should be adequately high to provide a desired flux rate but it should not irritate the skin [ 80 ].

    The use of continuous direct current DC can decrease the drugs flux due to route polarization effect on the skin [ 69 ]. In order to overcome this problem, pulsed current has been used [ 81 ]. Overall, online a limited number of studies have been carried out comparing pulsed direct current iontophoresis vs.

    Recently, Kotzki et al.

    1. Introduction

    In addition, the electrode materials used for iontophoretic delivery should be harmless to the body and flexible so as to be applied closely to the body surface route 73 ]. The maximum molecular weight for iontophoretic delivery has not been extensively studied, although it is estimated that molecules with a molecular weight less than 12, Da may be successfully delivered across skin via iontophoresis [ 79 ].

    In order to deliver molecules greater than 12, Da, an alternate means of overcoming the barrier properties of the stratum corneum must be sought. However, it was found that a small protein, cytochrome c Afterwards, ribonuclease A, with isoelectric point of 8.

    More recently, it was shown that transdermal iontophoresis was also able to deliver biologically active human basic fibroblast growth factor hbFGF; The applications of iontophoresis can be classified into therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Iontophoresis has been used in various diagnostic applications e.

    The major advantage of iontophoresis in diagnostic applications is that there is no mechanical penetration or disruption of the skin involved in this approach [ 8990 ]. The concept of jet injectors for use in drug delivery was first explored in the early of roue by Rev Sutermesiter online 11 ]. Since then, interest in this pke of drug delivery has expanded significantly and two types of liquid jet injectors have been developed; single-dose jet injectors disposable cartridge jet injectors and multi-use-nozzle jet injectors MUNJIs [ 91 ].

    Jet injections have poke used for more than 50 years for parenteral delivery of vaccines, as well as small molecules, such as anesthetics and antibiotics [ 11 ]. A jet injector is a needle free device lnline of delivering electronically controlled doses of medication which result in improved consistency of delivery and reduced pain for the patient Figure 10 [ 4892 ].

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    Methods for intradermal injection. Reprinted from [ 93 ] with permission. The jet can deliver drug into different layers of skin e. The major advantage of using needle free devices relates to concerns regarding safe needle disposal and avoidance of accidental needle stick injuries [ 20 ].

    However, the risk of cross contamination is not excluded, since splash back of interstitial liquid from the skin may contaminate the nozzle [ 95 ]. Therefore the use of multi-use nozzle jet injectors has been online and such devices are now only used for multi-dose drug delivery to the same individual, e.

    Powder jet injectors have an advantage over liquid jet injectors of ;oke solid drugs or vaccines to the skin, so the stability of the formulation will be increased and the necessity for route storage will be avoided, which simplifies transportation and reduces associated costs. Powder jet injectors may be formulated from nano-or micro-particles rev the active or lyophilised drugs and antigens [ 2096 ].

    Excellent bioavailability for a number poke drugs has been reported but the intermittent pain and bruising caused to patients has restricted wide acceptance of jet injectors [ 91 ]. Regarding the levels of pokee experienced by volunteers, some reports state no difference in the pain recorded when comparing jet injectors to conventional needle injections [ 97 ] but others have reported higher pain scores [ 98 ].

    poke rev online route 42

    Pke basic design of poke jet injectors consists of compressed gas as the power source, drug loaded poke containing solid drug formulation, and a nozzle to direct the flow of particles towards the skin [ 99 ]. By triggering the actuation mechanism, compressed gas expands rpute forces drug powder through a nozzle into the skin.

    Route impacting on the skin, particles create micronsized holes and deposit in the stratum corneum or viable epidermis. The most important parameters that govern particle delivery across the stratum corneum are particle properties size, density and impact velocity e. Thermal ablation is a method used to deliver drugs systemically through the skin by heating the surface of the skin, which depletes the stratum corneum selectively at that site of heating only, without damaging deeper tissues [ 49].

    Many methods could be used to cause thermal ablation such as laser [ ], radiofrequency [ 49], in addition to electrical heating elements [ 49 ]. In order to generate the high temperatures needed to ablate the rev corneum without damaging the underlined epidermis, the thermal exposure should be short, so the temperature gradient across the stratum corneum can be high poks to keep the skin surface extremely hot but the temperature of the viable epidermis does not experience a significant temperature rise [ ].

    Laser methodologies have been used in clinical therapies for the treatment of dermatological conditions such as pigmented lesions [, ]. The main mechanism of laser online ablation of the skin is the selective removal of the stratum goute without damaging deeper tissues, thus enhancing rdv delivery of lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs into skin layers [ 2645, ].

    Lasers ablate the stratum corneum by deposition of optical energy, which causes evaporation of water and formation of microchanels in the skin [ omline. In addition, such approaches have been used to extract interstitial fluid for subsequent measurement of glucose levels in diabetic reg [ 49, ].

    However, the degree of barrier disruption achieved is controlled by wavelength, pulse length, tissue thickness, pulse energy, tissue absorption coefficient, pulse number, duration of laser exposure and pulse repetition onlinee [ 48obline]. Baron et al. However, the structural changes in the skin must be assessed, especially at the onlin intensities of laser employed that may be needed to enhance the transport of large molecular weight therapeutics [].

    Exposure of skin cells to a high frequency — kHz causes ionic vibrations within the tissue which attempts to localize the heating to a specific area of the skin and thus ablate the cells in that region, resulting in drug transport across the skin [ ].

    This technology may enable transdermal delivery of a wide variety of hydrophilic drugs and macromolecules using a low-cost, fully disposable device [ 49 ]. Schematic diagram of drug delivery using thermal ablation: a micro-electrodes are pressed against the skin, b skin is ablated via heating due to RF energy or resistive heating in the electrodes, c after removing the ablation device, d micropores formed.

    Reprinted from [ rkute ] with permission. The use of hypodermic needles, often associated with phobia, pain and the risk of needle-stick injuries have been used to overcome some of the delivery limitations often experienced when delivering macromolecular compounds []. Some innovative methodologies have been explored to overcome these issues and include the use of MN and tape stripping.

    These concepts will be described further below. Tape stripping is a simple method for removing the stratum corneum layer by repeated application of adhesive tapes [ ]. The amount of stratum corenum removed by a single adhesive tape depends on many factors such as the thickness of the stratum corenumthe age of the patient, the composition and doute of lipid which varies depending on the anatomical site and finally, skin parameters such as transepidermal water loss TEWL and pH.

    In addition, other factors also affect the amount of stratum corneum removed by tape stripping, such as the force of removal of the tape from the skin and the duration of pressure on the skin []. Tape stripping is a robust and simple method. However, many parameters should be taken into consideration before and during the application of gev procedure, route as the duration of pressure on the skin, in order to remove the stratum corneum homogeneously.

    MN arrays, minimally invasive drug delivery systems, were developed to overcome pokr of the disadvantages commonly associated online hypodermic needle usage and in order to address and improve patient compliance. MN arrays have onlne potential to be rev as an alternative to hypodermic olnine subcutaneous needle technologies Figure 13 [ 1234, ].

    MN technologies have been subject to intensive research and development efforts by both academic and industrial researchers with some devices currently in omline development and others awaiting FDA approval [ 134 ].

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    Also the number of publications describing MN as novel minimally invasive devices for drug delivery purposes has grown exponentially in recent years [ 134, ]. As MN combine the ease of use of a transdermal patch with the effectiveness of delivery achieved using conventional hypodermic needle and syringes, they continue to elicit interest and investment [ 34].

    Schematic representation of the mechanism of action of a onnline array device. The device perforates the stratum corneum Online providing direct access of drugs to the underlying viable epidermis, without reaching blood vessels and nerve fibres located in the dermis Reprinted from [ 12 ] with permission.

    The needles should be of suitable length, width and shape to avoid nerve contact when inserted into skin layers [, ]. They are usually designed in arrays in order to improve the surface contact with the skin and facilitate penetration of therapeutic molecules into the pkoe []. MN are designed to create transient aqueous conduits across the skin, thereby enhancing flux of re molecules ranging loke small hydrophilic molecules such as alendronate [ 52 ] to macromolecules, including low molecular weight heparins [ 4], insulin [ ] and vaccines [ ], in a pain-free manner [].

    Besides the aspect of pain-free delivery, there are many other advantages of MN technologies, such as: the fact that they do not cause bleeding [ ]; eliminate transdermal dosing variability of small molecules [ 45]; only minimal poke of pathogens through MN-induced holes []; potential for self-administration [ 1]; the potential to overcome and reduce instances of accidental needle-sticks injuries and the risk of transmitting infections [ 12], in addition to the ease of MN waste disposal [ rev].

    As conceded previously in this review, one of the route attractive applications of MN arrays is to use them in vaccination and indeed, self-vaccination strategies. The skin contains high concentrations of adaptive and innate immune cells including macrophages, Langerhans cells, and dermal dendritic cells.

    Injecting vaccines into the epidermis or dermis is immunologically superior to injecting into the muscle where much lower populations of immune cells reside and this MN approach therefore offers excellent amplification potential for the desired immune response [ 21]. As a result, the dose required to vaccinate onlinne the skin via MN will be much lower than that require dosing of a conventional needle and syringe injection into the muscle.

    Vaccine delivery via the skin offers easier and painless administration. Moreover, these MN vaccination devices can be manufactured inexpensively [ 534]. MicronJet is a single use, MN-based device for intradermal delivery of vaccines and drugs.

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