Sonic forces casino forest

sonic forces casino forest

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  • Once you do, use the booster to speed ahead to the right and down a ramp. If you drop down after the first initial slot machines, you can forcse down a lower path where you'll find rings and a small bumper.

    Mystic Jungle | Sonic News Network | Fandom

    Use it to speed ahead and avoid the spiked balls, and you'll eventually be launched upward through a floating Red Star Ring. Avoid the spiked ball floating near them and keep foret to the right side. Csino the bumper you see to run down the ramp and into a group of bumpers with rings. Bounce onto them to move to the right and hit a spring that sends you up to a new platform with a checkpoint.

    Casino Forest | Sonic News Network | Fandom

    Jump onto the spring and use it to shoot upward and into another booster that flings you into a small pinball machine. Forcds you fall down pass the bumpers, you can hit an additional set of pinball bumpers, which have a tunnel below them. Hit the bumper after it to shoot over to another pinball machine with another slot machine.

    Falling below the bumpers will allow you to find another tunnel below that has rings you can gather. At the very bottom of the pinball machine area, on the right most area, you can find another Red Star Ring before dropping to the bottom section. If you instead stood on the top section of the stage, with the pinball bumpers that lead you up and towards a downward ramp, you can find another Red Star Ring just before dropping down.

    You'll quickly grab it after hitting the bumper and grab a bunch of rings just before leaping off. You'll then be able to take the path back towards the 4th Red Star Ring in the previous section if you missed it, which will lead you to the bottom area before the stage goal. Move to the right, avoiding the floating spiked ball and use the pinball spring you find.

    It will shoot you straight to the stage goal. Sonic News Network Explore.

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    sonic forces casino forest

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    Sonic HQ is a fan run information, news, and reviews site specializing in Sonic Team games and related products and are not related to any of these companies. This Game: Sonic Forces. Sonic Forces Wiki Guide. Stage 13 - Mystic Jungle Casino Forest. Top Contributors: Memegaman03, Wiki_Creation_Bot, Sonicforces + more. Last Edited: pm. Page Tools. Edit;. Game: Sonic Forces (OST)Developer/Publisher: SegaWatch my 24/7 Video Game Music Live Stream here: Media.

    Do you like this video? Play Sound. Go to Aqua Road. Go to Casino Forest.

    Casino Forest - Sonic HQ

    Go to Eggman's Facility. Go to Luminous Forest. Sega 26 September Retrieved on 26 September But it's not all fun and games as perilous traps sonuc the ancient facades. Sonic Forces Episode Shadow. Nintendo Switch.

    Eggman: Unbelievable! He's getting deeper and deeper into the facility! That computer running analysis in the core is invaluable! Eggman: Ugh. At least the analysis of the stone was completed yesterday, but No, I still can't let this facility cqsino destroyed!

    Stage 13 - Mystic Jungle Casino Forest - Sonic Forces Wiki Guide - IGN

    Eggman: Foresr Eggman: We've got an intruder! Shadow has entered the facility! Defense Squad Jackal has already been completely annihilated! All available troops, intercept that blasted hedgehog by any means necessary! Sonic Forces. Eggman: It was a defective model.

    It could only record the DNA of the one that triggered it. Eggman: It doesn't matter now with the lab locked down in Mystic Jungle. You say you do not known me, and yet I remember you so forves well. To you, it was simply another in a long lost of Eggman bases you tore down without a second thought.

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