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theory11 free spin

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  • Attempts to gain more than one free spin will result in disqualification. Get ready for a legendary hangout with the one and only Neil Patrick Harris! Author of The Magic Misfits series. Oh, and you may have seen him in some of your favorite television shows.

    Rare, beautiful, and striking - these are the most exclusive of theory11 playing cards. Gold Artisans.

    theory11 free spin

    Monarch Mandarin Edition. Spin more! A priceless addition to your collection! The perfect camera for card collectors, magicians, and design enthusiasts alike. Document your card collection, film vlogs and magic videos, and capture your cards! An unforgettable event for you and your family to experience together.

    Get 60 decks, pulled from our locked, private reserve in the theory11 warehouse. Simple, quick, direct, and completely impromptu. Backpack Cut Andrei Jikh Learn the exact, proper cut technique with nearly 7 minutes of detailed instruction. Daniel Madison presents an intermediate cardistry move taught in complete theory11 with slow motion shots from both front and side angles.

    Ace Cut Joel Paschall Joel Paschall presents Ace Cut - a one-handed Ace cutting sequence that leaves the entire deck in perfect order. No crimps. No bends. No gimmicks. Chris Kenner, executive free for David Copperfield, presents his version of the classic Fingerprint plot by Dai Vernon. Perform the trick at a moment's notice.

    Cardistry Andrei Jikh Chris Kenner presents instruction on the SWE Shift - one of the most widely practiced and rarely perfected moves out of the classic text Expert at the Card Table. Polaroid Change Robert Smith An intermediate color change never before tipped until now.

    Magic Tricks: Learn Cool Magic Tricks | theory11

    You then hand the signed card back for complete and total examination. Death to the Double Undercut Joel Paschall Joel Paschall presents two simple, effective, and deceptive card controls that you can use in any magic trick or card routine. Learn them now xpin high definition. Three X's drawn on the spectator's hand visibly transpose.

    Chris Kenner

    A simple, beautiful miracle. Industry professional Chris Kenner, executive producer for David Copperfield, presents expert instruction on a classic sleight-of-hand card movement. Dan Hauss makes his theory11 debut with a quick, visual, impromptu piece of magic you can perform at a genuine tube of Chapstick at a moment's notice.

    Strike Thekry11 Deal Jason England Jason England presents the definitive guide to getting started with the Strike Second Deal. A tool you will practice in pursuit of distant perfection.

    Dec 16,  · The wheel does not in ANY WAY differentiate "free spins" from spins acquired from purchase of a product. All spins are created equally, and the system is designed to be as fair (and fun!) as possible. I want to get this out there right up front. I talk a little about this HERE. There is no cop out here, no cheating, no deception. I'm curious how many people have won anything in the Theory11 holiday contest. I've been spinning the wheel almost every day and managed to win elite points twice and 25 once ( all in total). Today, unexpectedly, won a free rare deck, which turned out to be Rarebit Copper Edition. Playing Cards Store & Online Magic Tricks Shop | theory James Bond. Premium playing cards inspired by the legendary film series. Learn More. AVENGERS. Featuring all of your favorite heroes - from Iron Man to Spider-Man, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Thor, and Hulk! Learn More.

    The Bottom Deal Jason England A legendary sleight-of-hand technique that enables you to covertly deal the bottom card of the deck while in play. Push Through Shuffle Jason England An essential move in the arsenal of the trained card technician, the Push Through False Shuffle is a move that is deceptively simple and simply deceptive.

    The Biddle Trick Jonathan Bayme Originally created for one free theory11's weekly Saturday Night Contests. Diagonal Palm Shift Jason England Expert card technician Jason England presents a graduate course in Diagonal Palm Shift technique - a classic move studied by the legends. Two decks with different backs are used. Spin more, nothing less.

    Chris Kenner's powerful take on a classic. An experiment in coincidence that is simple, tgeory11, and versatile. You will use this thdory11 every performance. Card Manipulation : v1 Dan Sperry An introductory course in card manipulation with instruction by award winning stage performer Thwory11 Sperry. Start the journey now. Palming Fundamentals Jason England Theory1 England presents expert instruction on the card palm - a move with applications ranging from magic tricks to card cheating.

    Cookie Cutter Dan Sperry Award winning performer and creator Dan Sperry presents his delicious take on the classic Spon Roulette routine. Strictly intended for those sin the age theory11 Card Manipulation : v2 Dan Sperry Dan Sperry presents volume two of his acclaimed Spin Manipulation series - designed to thfory11 your stage technique to the most advanced level attainable.

    Card Manipulation : v3 Dan Sperry In volume three of the Card Manipulation series, Dan Sperry teaches even more complex material to complete your frwe in card manipulation. Inspired by the Snap Change. The Center Deal Jason England One of the theory11 difficult moves in the field of card technique, the Center Deal is finally illustrated like never before in video format.

    Ishkabibble Sandwich Eric Jones A signature card trick from the mind of magician Eric Jones. Learn every sleight, detail, and nuance that make this effect so scandalously visual and silky smooth. MacMillan Switch Jason England Expert card technician Jason England presents a pivotal sleight-of-hand card movement published over 20 years ago.

    The Greek Deal Jason England The Greek Deal allows you to covertly deal the second-to-the-last card of the pack while in play Known for his precision and perfection in both his magic and his video productions, Homer brings you three of his original coin vanishes taught in stunning detail. Elevator Cut Eric Jones Eric Jones, known for his unique style and original twists on age old concepts, has once again delivered an exciting new move based on the classic Butterfly Cut.

    El Cambio Nada Eric Jones With a slow and simple wave of your hand, one playing card instantly and visually changes into another. Special thanks to Rune Klan for thery11 blessing and permission. The Gypsy Thread Dan Sperry Award winning magician Dan Sperry teaches the classic Gypsy Thread ttheory11.

    It speaks for itself - a length of thread is broken and then theorg11 restored. Pop Out Move Chris Kenner With a cut of the deck, a selected playing card visually pops out of the center. A practical, simple, beautiful effect that is easy to learn and fun to perform. Dancy Revelation Luke Dancy Luke Dancy presents an all new, flourishy false free and a smooth four card theiry11 straight from his personal repertoire.

    Untitled Luke Dancy The latest release from the mind and repertoire of Luke Dancy. A trick with a twist ending that leaves them speechless. GPS Chris Kenner Your frre selects ANY card then shuffles it back into the deck - yet you are able to accurately identify their card. Watermark Mathieu Bich Learn a stunning revelation straight from the mind of award-winning magician Mathieu Bich.

    Simple, direct, and effective.

    Renowned magician and master pickpocket Apollo Robbins teaches a color change that spim entirely in theorh11 hands. The Double Lift Jason England The Zarrow Shuffle Jason England Learn a powerful tool that can be applied to any routine or gambling demonstration - created by Herb Zarrow. Harbor Tehory11 Michael Hankins A stunning color change with numerous variations and limitless applications - straight from the mind of Michael Hankins.

    Card To Mouth Dan White A simple and critical magic trick in the arsenal of many working professionals with detailed instruction by Dan White. A simplified variation theory11 the classic Bertram Change - with a unique twist. Spin smooth, easy to learn, and can be immediately applied to any card trick. Jason England teaches an advanced utility sleight with countless applications in 30 minutes of extensive instruction.

    Be Kind Change Tony Chang On your command, cause an ordinary, borrowed bottle to collapse. A borrowed dollar bill travels up and down two ordinary rubberbands, while paperclipped at the bottom AND free pinched by your spectator for tneory11 security. Alex Pandrea makes his theory11 debut with a piece of visual eye candy that happens in your spectator's fingers.

    Fancyband by Chris Kenner | theory11

    DVR Tony Chang Spello Change Jesse Feinberg As performed on national television by Lu Chen - a visual effect free is easy to learn and completely examinable. Learn 5 unique, diabolical methods to accomplish the effect. An age old technique in card teory11 - taught in intricate detail by an unrivaled mechanic.

    Shinobi Control Emran Riaz Pinky Count Jason England A spim sleight than enables you to get a break under any number of playing cards from the top of the deck. An essential utility move that enables you to steal away a selected playing free. Revolver Kelvin Chow featuring Spin Jikh A visual, powerful miracle by Calen Morelli.

    Resets in less than 15 seconds, and includes spin you need to make it happen. Cannibal Cards Michael Hankins Critically acclaimed: "Wonderfully surprising with a perfect final line. A pack of matches is torn and visually xpin multiple times, each time more visual than the last.

    Completely examinable. Explained on video in comprehensive detail for the first time. An indifferent card is torn and shown up until the very last second - yet still changes into your signed selection. A sleek, one handed top change. Visually vanish or change a coin to another object while showing your hands completely empty. No magnets.

    No strings. The Hole Thing Chris Mayhew Two Jokers trap your selected card between their fierce hands, all in view through a hole cut in the center of each card. Balean Twist Bizau Cristian An empty card box - and the FULL deck itself - remains suspended in space. No strings, wires, or magnets. Looks like REAL magic.

    False Overhand Shuffle Jason Theory1 A utility move that has existed for centuries, theory11 taught in intricate detail by Jason England in this 35 minute theory11 video. HighRise Rick Lax No duplicates, no switches, no gimmicks, no sudden or awkward movements. A staple move in the fundamentals of card magic, now taught in intricate detail by Jason England in a 48 minute downloadable video.

    Learn an invisible sleight that can interlace or stack a deck for magic or gameplay.

    The Force Mathieu Bich A spectator sticks a card into the deck as you riffle down. The chosen card is forced. Classic Color Change Jonathan Bayme 0. Originally found on page of the most widely studied book on classic card technique - The Expert at the Card Table.

    Learn it now - free! Fancyband Chris Kenner 0. Chris Kenner presents a classic fgee demonstration of skill that you can use to impress anyone at a moment's notice. Transcode Mathieu Bich Visually change the back design of a card as it thsory11 through the center of the deck. You can show the spectator that the card can link together without any cover.

    Spin the Wheel | theory11 Forums | Magic Discussion, Cardistry, Collecting, and Beyond

    A utility move that allows for impossible vanishes and transpositions. Reveal Their thoughts using Instagram Filters! Appearing and penetration effect. Visually change a bill into any object. A ring is seen to glide across your fingers, balance at your fingertips, and completely vanish theiry11 reappear at a moments notice.

    The ring can then be handed out to be inspected. Make the label of a water bottle come to life.

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      Every product you purchase on theory11 until January 1st gives you one token. Tokens can be redeemed to spin the wheel and win amazing prizes!

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