Why some casino games dont work on pokerstars

why some casino games dont work on pokerstars

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  • The Deal was launched in late with more controversy than even this get-off-my-lawn grizzly online veteran expected. Essentially, The Deal is a way to get players to gamble their StarsCoin with a poker facade and an illusion of player control. Player can wager their StarsCoin on a 7 face-down card deal that they keep 5 of.

    Duel was a thinly-veiled attempt to grab a share of the casual Zynga-fueled mobile market and is best described as Words With Friends meets heads-up poker. I remember a decent marketing campaign with PokerStars trotting out familiar faces like Negreanu and Moneymaker.

    Gamss was supposed to be the next big mobile poker thing. Turns out the casual audience is every bit as fickle as the nightmares of the marketing department fear they are. Keep it up, PokerStars.

    Pokerstars outages reported in the last 24 hours. This chart shows a view of problem reports submitted in the past 24 hours compared to the typical volume of reports by time of day. It is common for some problems to be reported throughout the day. Downdetector only reports an incident when the number of problem reports is significantly higher /5(82). PokerStars is home to some of the most exciting casino games around including slots, as well as baccarat, roulette and blackjack games in a range of buy-ins and variants. The innovative and user-friendly instant play and download software allow players to enjoy favourite online casino games for real money or in free-to-play mode. Jan 26,  · I know that the most casino s with Blackjack are cheating but pokerstars is the biggest cheater ever. This fake casino give the dealer every four hands a ace. When the dealer get a 10 Always a Player on 12 Always a Dealer on 15 and 16 75% a low card. Player on 15 and 16 Always Busted. Player doubles against 5 or 6 from the dealer most.

    Too many competitors are spinning their why. This is one of the few groups pokerstars trying to stay ahead of the curve. Although it pokertsars once the weakest aspect of the poker room PokerStars has made a concerted effort to improve its promotional offerings in cont years.

    While I understand the desire to let the quality of the software games games speak for themselves the non-US market has simply become too competitive with new player packages to offer half-baked pokerstas. Secondly, players are given 6 months to clear the bonus through cash game gamees tournament play whereas most other poker casino only give you a month or two.

    There are 7 different VIP tiers that require as little as player points per month to earn or as many as 1, per year. As you reach higher tiers you have earn points more frequently and have some to better promotions. The biggest criticism I have for the program is dont players are forced to hit specific player point thresholds each and every month in order to maintain their work in the VIP Club.

    I personally like to hop around different poker rooms, spreading my playing time between whoever currently has the better cash games and promotions.

    Jan 26,  · I know that the most casino s with Blackjack are cheating but pokerstars is the biggest cheater ever. This fake casino give the dealer every four hands a ace. When the dealer get a 10 Always a Player on 12 Always a Dealer on 15 and 16 75% a low card. Player on 15 and 16 Always Busted. Player doubles against 5 or 6 from the dealer most. Does this issue occur when you try our other casino games? If so, please list a few examples of the games affected in your reply. Send us this information via our software, mobile app, or website. Jun 29,  · PokerStars Casino is launched, adding casino-style games to the poker client for the first time ever. November PokerStars announces some significant changes to their rewards program, most importantly announcing their long-standing Supernova and /5.

    I understand that PokerStars wants to encourage regular gajes and they have always done an excellent job of cultivating player loyalty. One practice that PokerStars pioneered years ago that still drives me nuts is the fact that you are required to play up to a certain level monthly to maintain your VIP status. While they have onn offered free books, tournament tickets, and merchandise for player points PokerStars has beefed up the rewards in recent years.

    Points can now be exchanged for cash and there are a number of private VIP freeroll tournaments taking place at least weekly. Wrapping up the promotional offerings are a number of region-specific events that are only offered for players in certain parts of the world such as Asia, Australia, Brazil, Latin America, Portugal, and Norway.

    Although neither is truly better than those offered by their main competitors with the enormous number of games and tournaments offered getting anything extra is appreciated. Life offers 3 certainties every day: the sun will rise, the sun will set, and the PokerStars cash games will be tighter than the Gordian knot.

    That means fewer casual players dumping chips to the grinders just for the experience. PokerStars has always been the poker room du jour of the online poker elitist, wannabe poker pro, dedicated grinder, and serious tournament player. The problem with that in the game quality context is that those are the tightest and most well-educated poker groups there are.

    There is some degree of change as the games get slightly looser at the penny games rather than the dollar ones but even those micro limit players fight surprisingly hard for each penny.

    Check my tips section for more thoughts. Playing games here is a different beast in that most players are either timid or just good players. Cash games may not be the most profitable on average here but they can be refreshing for players burned out on bad beats. Casual recreational players, i. PokerStars management directly acknowledged as much and directly took steps to try to attract back the recs with some unique experiments and a decrease doont rewards for the busiest players.

    why some casino games dont work on pokerstars

    PokerStars started their assault on grinders users third-party software, who could realistically kill the industry if given enough time to drive away recreational players. The poker room severely limited HUDs heads-up displays and other third-party poker tracking software to try to marginalize the unfair advantage they were gaining over pure players.

    With the proliferation of rock-tight games over the past years I love the movement by poker sites of purifying the games again and protecting the essential part of the poker ecosystem: inexperienced players. One of the main draws of PokerStars is the tournament offerings thanks to its status as the 1 online poker room in the world in terms of traffic.

    They have an unmatched number of satellites not only to live tournaments, but also to their own guaranteed events. Pokerstara are structured well by providing an easy-to-understand lobby, giving players a l arge amount of starting chips relative to the blinds, and allowing sufficient time between blinds.

    I prefer this structure personally as it tends to give a slightly larger edge towards skilled players. As PokerStars has been experiencing a huge boost in overall traffic the past few years the tournament traffic is massive. Not everything has worked — remember Duel? See the chart below for the exact gammes. This is a strange timed tournament where play just stops after 5 minutes no dknt how many players are left.

    With several thousand players competing for even the micro buy-in overnight events every tournament is a spectacle and every tournament offers substantial prizes. PokerStars has publicized their software as the best online over the years and I would probably have to agree. They allow you to upload your own image as your avatar, which is a neat little feature that a most poker rooms are now picking up on.

    In terms of new table customizations, you can resize any table window pokerrstars tile them to whatever size you desire. Next, they have new themes that allow gamew to change the graphical theme to things like Marine, Stars, Saloon, and Renaissance.

    Thoughts, News And Strategy For Poker Tournaments Of All Sizes

    These tables tend to enjoy a hand per hour improvement over standard tables. PokerStars has also added what they call Zoom Poker, which I feel is really the most significant development in online poker since its inception. A cadino non-US poker rooms have similar riffs on this gameplay style and it should only be a matter of time before everyone else gets on board.

    As soon as you fold the software finds 8 more players who have also just folded to create a new table. The only negative is in the loss of reads with the table constantly changing players, but online reads have always been questionable at best. The tightness of players also ratchets up even higher than normal PokerStars tables thank to the lack or boredom and urgency to play something.

    Planet Mark's Blog

    The speed and functionality of the mobile experience is quite good, thanks to the decision to develop a standalone app over a buggy mobile browser-based system. Most poker rooms will happily accept player deposits immediately, but they make sure they send withdrawals back with the same gusto.

    why some casino games dont work on pokerstars

    Electronic withdrawals like Moneybookers, NETeller, or Ukash will arrive within hours and may donh be whj for regular players. Other options include direct credits back to your depositing credit card, direct bank transfers, cazino wire transfers for larger amounts. They excel at just about every aspect so why skimp on support options that can make players feel attended to so much better than waiting around for a reply e-mail?

    They have implemented Live Chat, but only for those having issues with deposits. That being said, emails are almost always replied to courteously and professionally within about an hour. It is embarrassing, however, that such a massively profitable and popular company has yet to institute more player-friendly options such as site-wide Live Chat or support reps willing to answer a telephone.

    There is really no comparison in this pokesrtars. I believe that they have more regular active players than every other online poker room combined, which is about 30, cash players during peak European evening hours. Just about every multi-table tournament draws thousands of players, creating both ridiculous value and massive time investments.

    Zoom Poker also draws hundreds of players per limit, in not even a speck of waiting time in between hands. PokerStars is launched for the first time for play money. The site is owned wlrk operated by the company known as Rational Enterprises of which Scheinberg is a majority stakeholder. Its initial headquarters is in Costa Rica.

    The real-money version of PokerStars launches, allowing players to make deposits and withdrawals and play for real cash. PokerStars saw huge interest in their satellite tournaments for the WSOP and other big live events around the globe. Scheinberg and other PokerStars executives decide to move the company from Costa Rica to the Isle of Man where it remains to this day.

    PokerStars is a Scam and Not Legit | PokerStars Review

    The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is passed, which attempts to make it difficult for US banks to process online gaming transactions for players. Publicly traded companies are forced casio leave the US market, but PokerStars, being privately owned, sets the tone for other private companies and remains servicing US players. PokerStars continues to operate accepting players from all over the globe, include the United States.

    They become the largest poker site in the world by player volume. In exchange, they regained full control over the PokerStars website and the poker software client. PokerStars resumes their operations in the rest of the world. They also promptly paid all disenfranchised US customers, allowing them to withdraw their full account balances.

    EXPOSED: PokerStars Review for Oct - Player Warning

    You see a qhy name, avatar and 2 cards in front of you when you sit down to play. Instead they see a screen filled with stats. This wotk your starting hand ranges, continuation bets, how often you re-raise, go to showdown, how you react to 3 bets and so on. This information reveals weaknesses in your game, and the army of small stakes pros at the tables all adjust their bets to exploit those.

    You can still get lucky and book winning sessions. You might think you are just playing poker.

    5 Solid Reasons I No Longer Play at PokerStars (and recommend that you don’t either)

    Of course, you could buy a HUD, learn to use it and go down this route yourself… for the millions of players who enjoy a recreational game of poker this like studying accountancy to better zome the football transfer market — taking the enjoyment from the games. Image credit: from www. Woork up if you like to go workk sleep before 4am on average?

    Tournaments at PokerStars attract some huge fields, and I mean huge. Thousands of players can join some of the nightly guarantees you'll never know until late registration finishes. The 4am final tables is just one aspect. Sure, the SNGs are an option, combining the stages of a tournament with a smaller field and shorter time.

    I get that they are not all good… though the number of people playing 4, 8 pokfrstars even more SNGs at the same time is just crazy. Sure, you can beat the games — but you can beat similar games elsewhere for more profit. Add to this smaller fields in the regular MTTs, and it becomes a no-brainer for me. These were great places to experiment with different styles and strategies, build your bankroll and move on up as you felt comfortable.

    Individually, these people are acting rationally enough.

    Collectively they are killing off the games and preventing the recreational types who traditionally started low and built up from progressing or at least slowing them down. Many readers will not have seen these buy-in levels for a few years. Go check them out. Just to add insult to injury, many though by no means all players from these counties are generally unpleasant characters in ehy chat too.

    This one is more anecdotal. They were friendly, proactive and tried to solve whatever issues there were. Security is a great example. Of course, false positives were part of the risk. I suspected something a few years ago and to say the reply was arrogant would be an understatement. General service now goes to whichever agent is free at the time, I had an issue last year pkerstars which I had to explain something 3 times and was dealt with by 7 different people in total.

    What is more instead of engaging with players and listening, their service are simply arrogant enforcers of the rules. I'm sure that their corporate pooerstars show that they are doing xome great, I'm also sure that I can't be the only one that has noticed the human element has disappeared almost entirely.

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      Since , PokerStars has been among the most prominent online poker brands. The company was one of the driving factors in the meteoric success of its young industry, and always offered strong security measures and customer support.

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